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    Good Golfing Neighbor

West Woods prides itself on offering classic golf in the best sense in the backdrop of brilliant natural scenery. We also want to ensure that we are collectively being a good neighbor to nearby residents.
Being a ‘good golfing neighbor’ means prioritizing safety by reducing the number of errant shots that have the potential to cause personal property damage or injury.
There are several ways West Woods golfers can join this collective effort:
  • Know the Policy – Golfers are responsible for damage done to private property and/or personal injury. View the West Woods Golf Course Policy.
  • Stay the Course – Don’t go on private property to look for golf balls.
  • Sometimes Yelling Fore Isn’t Enough – If you suspect that an errant shot has caused injury or damage to personal property, let a course representative know and they can help facilitate communication with the homeowner or resident.
  • Longer Isn’t Always Better - West Woods is a course that often rewards accuracy over distance. There are several holes where hitting your driver isn’t always the best strategy. Keep the ball in play and avoid those costly penalty strokes!